About WaterWorkforce

WaterWorkforce is a full-service water utility management company that provides staffing, plant management, consulting, and training services to municipalities, cities, and private clients throughout California and across the United States. We have extensive experience in managing and operating water distribution, water treatment and wastewater facilities. We add value by implementing industry standards and our proven processes in the management of our clients’ utility operations.

Our full-service plant management services include system compliance, regulatory oversite and reporting, water quality sampling, capital improvement planning (CIPS) projects, assistance with budgets, and SCADA integration.

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Our Mission

To provide our clients with the expertise and experience that helps them efficiently run and operate water and wastewater utilities, while maintaining systems and regulatory compliance.

Our Vision

Be stewards of our most precious natural resource and dedicated contributors to the environmental safety of our public waterways including rivers and lakes, and perhaps most importantly, the surface and ground water sources that supply the majority of our drinking water.

Meet Our Team

bio brett
Bret Kadel


Bret Kadel

I have over 25 years’ experience working on a variety of municipal, city, and industrial type projects related to water and wastewater. This unique combination of responsibilities would include management, supervision, business development, project management, system operations, regulatory compliance, and training. I hold the maximum certification levels in both California and Arizona (CA -T5 & D5, AZ- T4 & D4) which is extremally beneficial for clients who need operational expertise with matching the products and services needed for their systems.

My operational experience includes chief plant operations for some of the largest distribution and treatment systems in CA (Metropolitan Water District 600 MGD, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water distribution and treatment systems, and multiple others). In these roles I have established regulatory compliance and controls, project start-up of new treatment and distribution systems, asset management controls for preventative and corrective maintenance, GIS, analytical and SCADA system monitoring controls.

In addition, I have been involved in many aspects of management. This would including managing city, municipal, and private water and wastewater systems. Overseeing budgets, CIP projects, and working with board/council members has given me in-depth knowledge of the internal controls agencies are mandated to follow. With this knowledge I can assist agencies from an internal and outside/private perspective. With regards to funding, something I am most proud of in the water industry is developing $30M+ in grant and bond initiatives for utilities. This was done through initiatives like – Safe Clean Water Program, Prop 68 & 1, and though EPA funding initiatives.

My greatest passion is teaching others in the water and wastewater industry and sharing my own journey along the way. I have been able to do this by training hundreds of certified operators in specialized courses and reviews to pass water treatment and distribution state exams. This was done by starting a school for water operators, Water Operators Association (WOA). After partnering with Chaffey College in 2016 to start a pilot program for hands-on vocational training, I realized there was a different need for operators in the industry. This has led me to develop the first hands-on vocational training apprenticeship program through our non-profit division WaterWorkforce NPO (Non-Profit Organization) – we are really looking forward to the benefits of the program for the industry!

phone: 840-208-8148
email: bretk@waterworkforce.com

bio myranda
Myranda Kelly

Administrative Coordinator

Myranda Kelly

Myranda Kelly is an experienced administrative coordinator known for her meticulous approach and strong problem-solving abilities. Myranda seamlessly handles complex administrative tasks, including budget management, event coordination, and resource allocation. Her exceptional communication skills and ability to foster positive working relationships contribute to a harmonious and efficient work environment. Outside of work, Myranda enjoys exploring new places with her family and sitting outside on the porch cuddled up with a good book.

phone: 840-977-8649
email: myrandak@waterworkforce.com

bio cornell
Cornell Gillenwater


Cornell Gillenwater

Cornell currently has over 23 years of experience in water systems management,  development, operations and maintenance.

Aside from being the CFO of Water Workforce Inc., Cornell is a highly accomplished CEO and VP of several other California Corporations which are co-partners of Water Workforce Inc. These corporations include Waterworks Technology, Inc., AMCO Structures Inc., and United Engineering & Constructions Inc.,  to name a few.  Cornell holds  a degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and over the years has completed numerous courses in Operations and Management of Domestic and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, from Sacramento State University.

Professionally licensed by California’s State Water Board as both a certified operator and Contract Operator of wastewater treatment systems, Cornell’s expertise becomes essential to our organization when we are in need of engineering controls, design, operations and consultation of water and wastewater treatment systems. His leadership in staff development, safety training, and regulatory matters make  him a well rounded source of information for our industry.  With over 2 decades in holding a wastewater contractors license, Cornell has demonstrated commitment to advancing water management practices for a sustainable future of life’s most valuable commodity, water.

phone: 840-208-8148
email: cornellg@waterworkforce.com

bio becca
Rebecca Kadel

Business Development Recruitment Specialist

Rebecca Kadel

Rebecca Kadel is a passionate advocate for connecting the right people with the right opportunities. Rebecca thrives in the dynamic world as a business development recruitment specialist. Over the past two years, she has honed in skills and expertise in sourcing, assessing, and onboarding exceptional professionals to drive organizational growth and success. Driven by the thrill of aligning the right people with the right roles, her mission as a Business Development Recruitment Specialist is to play a pivotal role in the success of organizations while empowering individuals to achieve their career aspirations. Outside of work Rebecca enjoys going to the gym and spending time with her family and friends.

phone: 840-977-8651
email: beccak@waterworkforce.com

“It is the operators who are responsible for making sure that wastewater discharged into the groundwater, rivers, lakes and oceans is safe. They are the guardians of those crucial ecosystems. What they do helps ensure the health and well-being of many generations to come.”

Bret Kadel, CEO, WaterWorkforce