Our staffing division leverages our industry experience and connections to help you find the certified operators required for utilities and municipalities. Whether your need is for temporary help or direct-hire employees, we have an extensive network of operators from which we can find the right fit for your water distribution or treatment facility. We not only understand the need for certified staff, but we also understand the time and cost to fill positions. Let us put our experience and connections to work to help you quickly fill the positions you need to facilitate successful operations. We are experts in recruiting for the following positions:

  • Water Distribution Operators
  • Water Treatment Operators
  • Wastewater Operators
  • Water Quality and Laboratory staff
  • Collections staff
  • Electrical / Mechanical staff
  • Administrative Staff
  • Supervisors
  • Plant Management

WaterWorkforce Staffing Service Levels

WaterWorkforce One

Public Network Advertising

Through our social media channels and public outreach platforms, we advertise your job openings to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

WaterWorkforce Plus

Private Network Recruiting

Leveraging our extensive private network of over 26,000 operators in California, we conduct outreach to candidates who match your target demographics. Using email, phone, and text communications, we screen potential candidates and conduct interviews on your behalf. This comprehensive approach typically takes 5-10 days, resulting in a list of vetted resumes for your consideration.

WaterWorkforce Pro

Immediate Hire & Temp to Hire

Temp Employee
When you require temporary coverage for a specific time period, we offer experienced, certified operators who work full or part time to meet your immediate staffing needs. We also offer flexible, internal staff who can be assigned to a variety of positions. Ideal for emergencies, employee leave, workload surges, or transitional periods between full-time staff.

Temp to Hire

To provide a “try before you buy” option, we offer the opportunity to hire staff immediately after they have undergone our rigorous vetting process. You can assess their performance and suitability without assuming the liability. If you decide to retain the operator after 6 months, there will be no additional cost to hire them on full time. Should you choose to hire before the 6-month period ends, you will only need to pay a percentage of the remaining balance of the contract. If the operator is not a suitable fit, we will promptly find you an alternative candidate and credit the used time towards the 6-month period.

Call or email us to find out how we can help! Phone: 840-208-8148 or email:


Waterworkforce management has 25 years of experience in water distribution, water treatment, wastewater, and collections operations. Our experience includes management of large distribution and treatment systems for Elsinore Valley (WESA), the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and the city of El Monte. Acting as chief plant operator, we can oversee and manage system compliance, regulatory oversight and reporting, water quality sampling, capital improvement planning (CIPS) projects, budgets and SCADA integration.

We also manage operations for multiple Privately Owned Treatment Works (POTW).

Waterworkforce’s full-service utility and plant management capabilities include:

  • System Compliance (Certification Coverage)
  • Regulatory Oversite and Reporting
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Assistance with Budgets (Capital and O&M)
  • CIP Projects
  • Grant Funding Applications
  • Construction of Water Treatment and Wastewater Plants
  • SCADA Integration
engineer team full skill quality for maintenance and training in industry factory worker , warehouse workshop for factory operators, mechanical engineering team production.

Contact us for more information about our utility and POTW plant management services.

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